Monday, February 1, 2010


"De Colores"
A thin, drapey, toasty scarf with phenomenal color
Very tiny yarn, very tiny needles
After the knitting was done, I calculated that there are close to
50,000 stitches making up this scarf!!
Knit with: 100% Extra Fine Merino Wool
Approx. 5 in. wide

"Da Lime in Da Coconut"
Who says scarves can't be yummy?...
Yummy feeling wool, silk, and kid mohair
Yummy colors; rich, bright green and brown.
Nice drape and squeezability factor
Knit with: Japanese handcrafted Wool, Silk, & Kid Mohair
Approx 41/2in. wide

"Little Red Riding Scarf"
A simple, uniform scarf knit in a chevron pattern, which, without contrasts in color, gives this scarf an almost woven texture and look.
Knit with: 100% Wool
Classic Red

"Sea Stripes"
I love the feel of this scarf. It reminds me of a bedspread I had when I was a kid.
It's cool and soft, thanks to kettle dyed Chilean Pima Cotton. There's slight shade differences within the dark blue and the light blue. It's extra wide, about 8 inches
Knit with: Kettle Dyed Chilean Pima Cotton

"Adventure's Road"
An interesting scarf, alternating smooth and bumpy textures. Kettle dyed wool gives this piece lots of great color.
Browns, reds, blues, greens, peach
Knit with: Chilean Kettle Dyed 100% Wool

"Yeti's Dream"
Totally Unique, plain and simple.
This is a thin, warm-weather scarf made from recycled sarongs. It has nice texture, both the yarn and the stitch pattern.
Knit with: Recycled Rayon from Sarongs, Handspun and Fairly Traded in Nepal
Too many colors to mention, see for your self!

"RailRoad Earth"
Named after one of my favorite bands.
It's got the colors, it's got the texture, it's got the feel.
Soft cotton,wool, and silk in in a basket weave pattern.
Shades of brown,grey, charcoal, and black.
Knit with: Handcrafted Japanese blend of Cotton, Wool, & Silk

"Melted Glory"
This is a blow-your-mind, 'all-weather' scarf. I knit this with very tiny yarn, on tiny needles. Seed stitching gives it a great feel, along with bamboo, silk, and wool.
Shades of green, orange, black.
Knit with: Chilean Kettle dyed Bamboo, Silk, and Wool

Top-Cotton&Acrylic Bottom-Hemp&Cotton

Soft and bumpy, if that makes sense. Cotton and acrylic in a 'homespun' style yarn.
Tweedy blues, maroon, and white.
Knit with: Cotton/Acrylic blend

Scarf/belt combo!! Knit with alternating sizes of 'diamonds'. Tassle w/ button at one end, and a place to fasten it between each diamond segment.
Knit with: Cotton & Hemp
Yellow/green & Brown

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