Monday, February 1, 2010

Caps For Sale!!

An awesome baggy hat, with great drape and texture.
Wearable most of the year, made mostly of wool, but with a good breathability factor.
Crocheted with: Wool & Linen, Baby Alpaca & Silk, Wool & Silk, Wool
Charcoal black, Oranges, greens/browns
Fits most

"Fifle's Companion"
A cloche style hat, but the top can be shaped
to give a Fedora-esque look.
A really cool hat.
Crocheted with: Chilean Kettle dyed blend of Baby Alpaca & Silk
Fits Most

This beanie is a new design for me. I think I really like it!!
The light gray/tan is handspun angora from a Boise bunny that adds some great warmth and softness. Super toasty and really good lookin'.
Crocheted with: Peruvian wool, Merino wool blend, and HandSpun Angora
Fits Most

"Cielo del Mar"
A warm weather bag hat, perfect for those with lots of hair!
Crocheted with: Cotton and linen blend
Fits Most

A simple Alpaca beanie. Thin and lightweight, but ultra-toasty.
Knit with: 100% Alpaca

"Holy Ground"
A simple crocheted dude's beanie. Fisherman's wool makes this hat really great for terrible weather.
Crocheted with: 100% Virgin Wool, with high lanolin content

"Flourite's Mushroom"
This hat feels so great. Italian Merino really does the trick.
Soft, thick, squeezable, and super toasty.
A great beanie with a wide cuff.
Knit with: Kettle Dyed Italian Merino Wool
Fits most

"Ms. Froy"
A simple beanie with tons of toast.
Fisherman's Wool is high in lanolin oils, which makes this beanie water-resistant, and even warm and wearable when soaked.
Great winter hat.
Knit with: 100% Virgin Wool
Oatmeal tweed
Fits Most

"Elemental Balance"
A beanie with a lot going on, but not enough to be too busy.
Great bold solids, with a little hand-painted variety mixed in.
I improvised the stitch patterns for every row to make things interesting
Notable softness and feel, thanks to Alpaca.
Crocheted with: Alpaca/Wool blend, Kettle-dyed Chilean wool
Dark blue/green, brown, dark goldenrod, gray, red/brown, tan
Fits Most

"April Morning Breeze"
Simple knit Beanie. Toasty, thin
Knit with: * 100% Alpaca
Marled blue, green, yellow

"Sensi Aura"
See Below

"Controlled Burn"
An awesome winter hat, with earflaps that wrap around your head & fasten with crocheted buttons. Covering ears, cheeks, & chin.
Crocheted with: *Wool & Silk blend
*Baby Alpaca & Silk blend
*Shades of browns and oranges w/tweedy chunks of white silk
M-Fits most

"Papa Jimmy"
Simple and toasty.
Crocheted with: *Peruvian Wool
*Marled Browns w/ solid red/gold/green stripes
M- Fits most

"Oscar UnGrouched"
Super soft & toasty but thin and wearable
*Knit with: 100% Alpaca
*Marled Greens
M Fits Most

"Green Sky"
Soft..Silky..Warm..'Nuff Said
Crocheted with: *Hand painted Wool & Tussah Silk
*Hand Dyed wool & Silk
Shades of bluish/greens
M- Fits Most


"Sensi Aura"
A Gorgeous & Hearty cold-weather hat w/ tie earflaps.
Crocheted & Knit with: * Handcrafted Japanese blend of Wool, Silk, and Angora
*Peruvian Llama & Wool
-Rich pastel shades of Purple green, peach, blue
-Solid bold green
Fits Most

Thin, soft, and Toasty
On the Small side
Crocheted with: *Handpainted Wool/Silk blend
*Handpainted Alpaca

"Spirit of the Forest"
Classic Knit Cap
Knit with:*Japanese Handcrafted blend of cotton, silk, & wool
*Black, gray, shades of green, yellow, brown
Fits Most

"After the Snow"
Shapeable Baggy Hat.
Crocheted with: *Wool & Linen blend
Salt & pepper colors

"Outdoor Safety"
Simple striped Beanie. Super Warm
Crocheted with: * Peruvian Wool & Llama blend
Green, charcoal, neon orange and green

"The Andes in January"
Toasty Silky Tweedy
Crocheted with: *Handcrafted Chilean Alpaca, Merino Wool, Silk blend
*Tweedy cream and pastel green
Fits Most

"Mossy Stone"
Simple knit cap. Super toasty but thin and wearable
Knit with: * 100% Alpaca
Marled gray and green

"Snow on the Ocean"
Shapeable Baggy Hat. Lightweight, warm-weather friendly.
Crocheted with: * 100% Silk.
* Tweedy beige & light blue

"Anza Borrego"
Striped Beanie perfect for warmer weather.
Crocheted with: *Cotton/Acrylic blend-soft & durable-
Dark green, yellow/green, Light gray. Tweedy

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